Welcome to focus, a full-floor work-study space in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. Our promise is simple - to help everyone focus on their work and goals in life.

When you come to focus, we help maintain an ideal zone that is cosy and quiet, while offering services and amenities that make sure you work with comfort.So you don't have to worry about the little things, and focus on your own goals.

the beginnings

Our Story

The reason we created focus is simple – to find a space for all to focus on their most important goals in life. No matter it's work or school, we make sure you can focus with comfort.

The focus team consists of people from different backgrounds. Some are students, some are graduates, and some are already working in different fields. We all once experienced the frustration to find an affordable and cosy place to work, but in Hong Kong, it is never easy. With focus, we hope we can help you to chase your goals.

our spaces

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We provide different spaces for you, catering your different needs. On top of that, our flexible pricing makes sure we have a suitable plan for all of your visits.